Friday 25 April 2014

Was capitalism cancelled without me being informed? Ah rats. I'm a dummy...

Got up this morning at the usual time (around 6am), showered, dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee, took my medication all in my usual morning daze.

Then got in the car and went down the driveway.

As I prepared to turn onto the road I noticed that the apartment construction site just down the road was deserted.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

As I drove onto the main road that led to where I work, I noticed a distinct lack of vehicles. Bugger all in fact.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

I passed a shopping centre and noticed the car park was empty.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

I got to work and drove into the public car park staff area.
No cars. None. Nil. Zip. Nada.

"Odd," I thought, but got out, locked the car and went to the elevators with my head filled with plans for the day.

Got to the ground floor and out into the mall.

Normally bustling with activity at 7am, but now deserted.

Wait. Was capitalism cancelled? Had some massive disaster occurred that I knew nothing about? Was it the second coming? Hoping not on all counts, I walked to the entrance.

Then I saw a sign saying that there were Anzac Day services across the road.
I live in Australia.
Anzac Day commemorates the landing of Australian forces at Gallipoli during world war 1.
It's a public holiday.

Doh! I'm a dummy.

So I turned around, went back to the car and drove home feeling foolish.
And annoyed because I had a shit-ton of work I wanted to do at work today.

Monday 14 April 2014

Avalanche Sharks!

"Avalanche Sharks". Oh lord it is so bad. I need to wash my eyeballs with bleach. A pineapple enema would be better. Is this Ebola? Or am I just bleeding from my eyes in shock? Demon sharks in snow? Wait. What? And what's with that dog? They've tasted human flesh! Oh why, oh why do I watch these movies? Because they are soooooo bad. That music? Dum Dum Dum! That's actually Dumb Dumb Dumb! Teenagers. Spring break. Guns. Avalanches. Sharks. Ancient Indian Burial Ground Sharks. That haven't eaten for 25 years! What could possibly go wrong? "They love people meat" Apparently. And leap into spas full of spring break teenagers. And burst out of the ground to eat guys proclaiming love. What's next? Tree sharks! Swinging from tree to tree! Great sharks! In british columbia! With their girl by their side! And they'll sing! Sing! "I'm a lumber shark and I'm ok! I sleep all night and I eat teenagers all day!" I swear some of these lumber sharks are Canadian! I would swear i heard one lumber shark say"sorry" as it ate some one. Spoiler alert! Some random Japenese tourist straightens some bent sticks! And. And. Lumber sharks vanish! Next in this gripping shark fest: "They thought they were safe on the space station..." Monkey Space Bread Shark! From the people who brought you"Killer Croissants" and "Blood Soaked Baguettes"! Bread Sharks! High gluten terror! "This time... The bread slices you!" You know... Seriously... SciFi would probably make that movie. Er... I'd watch it... And while I'm on a ridiculous point, I've figured out why SciFi produces these appallingly bad movies. To stop an alien invasion. "Wait. What?" I hear you say. Well think about it. Our movie broadcasts are being picked up from civilisations out there. And to be sure their unaminous conclusion has to be: "Land there?! You're joking right? Have you seen the sharks? They're fucking everywhere. They fucking fly for GondFlangle's sake! No fucking way am I exposing my crew to that place.You can't conduct a proper anal probe if you aren't sure there aren't such things as ass-sharks! It'd be be Butts, Blood and Gore all over the medical bay"
What's next? Ben has some ideas... ArachnoShark! Swim into my web of terror! The eight finned freak of nature! Eight mouths! Eight Eyes! Eight stomachs! Eight fins! Eight... Eight... Oh... Whatever