Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Seriously. You know you'e neurotic when a HDD gets down to 1Tb and you start panicking.

Cleaning an old Drobo.
Copying stuff across from another.
Status shows 1.10Tb left on target Drobo.

Wake up call. 1 Frickin TerraByte left. Seriously?

I've being doing this for waaaaay too long.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Transcript todo list for episode 6 - Minecraft, YogsCast, Mekanism, Metallturgic Infuser

The last video had to be split into two parts for which I am apologise.
There was a point where I showed a text file showing my 'process' which I'm sure people will ask for.
So here it is in all its glory and typos included for hilarities sake:

Building a metallurgic infuser chain.

Make four furnaces
    cobble  cobble  cobble
    cobble          cobble
    cobble  cobble  cobble

Place 2 furnaces down

Get Coal
    At least 4 Stacks of it
    Put 1 stack in each of 2 furnaces

Get Sand
    Smelt 36+ glass blocks

Get Osmium Ore

Make Osmium ingots
    Smelt them in the furnaces to create a bunch of ingots
    Need one to make the infuser

Get Iron Ore

Make Iron ingots
    Smelt them in the furnaces to create a bunch of ingots
    Need 4 to make the infuser

Get Red Stone
    At least 8 stacks of it!
    Actually as many as possible.
    Try getting 32 stacks if possible.

Make one
    Iron    Furnace Iron
    Ingot           Ingot
    Red     Osmium  Red
    Stone   Ingot   Stone

    Iron    Furnace Iron
    Ingot           Ingot
Make some enriched alloy
    Purple top left box <= Stack redstone
    Green right top box <= Stack redstone
    Red box <= Stack iron ingots
    Output => Enriched Alloy

Notice what you see when you mouse over the right moving arrow.
    You'll see 'recipes'.
    9 pages of them.

Extract the Enriched Alloy

Extract the Redstone from the top right box

Click the 'Dump' key.
    This will remove ALL redstone from the left vertical power bar.

However you want to create osmium dust
    This can be done with a crusher or whatever    

However you want to create gold dust
    This can be done with a crusher or whatever    

Create 9 Speed Upgrades
    Enriched    Osmium  Enriched
    Alloy       Dust    Alloy

One by one right click the speed upgrades and drag them to the top right upgrade area.
    You probably will have to type xxx in the NEI input to clear the massive menu.
    Tjis is a pain as sometimes the right-click-hold fails.
    Do all nine.

Create 9 Energy Upgrades
    Enriched    Gold    Enriched
    Alloy       Dust    Alloy

One by one right click the energy upgrades and drag them to the top right upgrade area.
    You probably will have to type xxx in the NEI input to clear the massive menu.
    Tjis is a pain as sometimes the right-click-hold fails.
    Do all nine.

Now create encriched iron.
    Top left purple <= coal or charcoal
    Left red <= iron ingot
    Top right green <= Red Stone
    Blue output => enriched iron

Now create steel dust
    Top left purple <= coal or charcoal
    Left red <= Enriched Iron
    Top Right Green <= Red Stone
    Blue output => Steel dust

Place steel dust in furnace to smelt Steel Ingots.

Gradually building up my Minecraft, Mekanism, JABBA, and YogsCast videos on YouTube

Yeah. Yeah.
I'm now officially a YouTuber...
It's actually kinda a lot of fun.
I get to hear what I sound like for real.



Hope you like them.

Hmm. How the hell do I make money from this?
Just me?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hmm. How many people would be interested in minecraft cheat sheets for Mekanism, ProjectRed, JABBA etc?

I've been a avid fan of Minecraft for some time.
I tend to always "build" in survival mode.
And since I'm just shy of 60 I tend to forget the recipes and have to sit there running back and forth between a tool station and chests as I use the '?' button to remember what I need to make stuff.
So in sheer frustration I created a series of A3 PDFs of various components I use regularly, printed them out and stuck them to my wall.
Then I could just glance sideways and know what I needed.

Because I may be over-stepping copyright boundaries and what not, I decided to contact the authors of the various mods to see if they would be amicable to having me make these available outside of their 'official' wikis.

No response.

Hmm. Ok. It's only been a coupla days... So I thought I'd ask my readers if they would be interested in giving feed back that I could use to bolster support.

So you're not left hanging as to what these sheets look like here are some partials I took:

So... Any bites? I'll gather results and pass them on to the authors of the ModPacks and see if I can get these out there...

Your call...

Ta muchly

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Minecraft - Sieve Automation

You have a mouse.
It has a right boo-ton. Yes. That's how you pronounce it...
Not 'T-u-n', but 't-o-n'.
(Watch YogsCast on YouTube for how you pronounce stuff. Like Bah-bee not Bay-Bee)
Rant over.

So to avoid RSI of one of your fingers...
Get your sieve.
Fill your inventory with Earth or Gravel or what the frick ever.
Carefully right click to start the process.
And then gently place a reasonably heavy object in the same spot your RSI addled finger was.
I use an iPad cover.
Then you can safely sit back and watch shattered ores, seeds or what-the-frick-ever fill your inventory.
While you sip (or gulp) at your favorite beverage.
(Mine's bourbon).
So PLEASE stop searching for some mechanistic approach and go back to basics.
You have a mouse.
It has a right boo-ton.
You have a heavy object.
You have a glass of your favorite beverage.
Do... There is no try. There is only Dig or No-Dig.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

People wear hats in Peru! Because: Aliens!

Re-Watched Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken for the first time in years.
(Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chariots_of_the_Gods)
I first watched it in 1971 (I think) when he was touring the world showing it in school/church halls.


Can't believe I ever took this seriously.

The process is something like this:

"People in Peru wear hats. Here are pictures of statues on Easter island. The hats are strikingly similar."

"Huge stone blocks! Pyramids! Thousands of tons!"

And so on.

It's never explicitly stated but the underlying message that should be added to every sentence is:


The past is human and when this kind of bollocks is produced and distributed it demeans the achievements of our ancestors.

Here is a table:

| Question:                 | Because: |
| Vimyana?                  | Aliens!  |
| Ark of the covenant?      | Aliens!  |
| Wall paintings of people? | Aliens!  |
| Ezekiel?                  | Aliens!  |
| Hats?                     | Aliens!  |
| Maths?                    | Aliens!  |
| Legs?                     | Aliens!  |
| Brains?                   | Aliens!  |
| iPhone?                   | Aliens!  |
| Democrats?                | Aliens!  |
| Republicans?              | Aliens!  |
| Sean Hannity?             | Aliens!  |
| Putin?                    | Aliens!  |
| Glenn Beck?               | Aliens!  |
| Obama?                    | Aliens!  |
| Taxes?                    | Aliens!  |
| Big Foot?                 | Aliens!  |

Depressingly familiar, no?

And just for the heck of it, go to http://aeon.co/magazine/ and read some of the articles.
I was particularly entranced with:




As it has a lot to do with:


Because I'm a developer and *KNOW* the web consists of chicken wire and chewing gum.
We're all doomed.

Because: Aliens!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Was capitalism cancelled without me being informed? Ah rats. I'm a dummy...

Got up this morning at the usual time (around 6am), showered, dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee, took my medication all in my usual morning daze.

Then got in the car and went down the driveway.

As I prepared to turn onto the road I noticed that the apartment construction site just down the road was deserted.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

As I drove onto the main road that led to where I work, I noticed a distinct lack of vehicles. Bugger all in fact.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

I passed a shopping centre and noticed the car park was empty.

"Odd," I thought, but drove on with my head filled with plans for the day.

I got to work and drove into the public car park staff area.
No cars. None. Nil. Zip. Nada.

"Odd," I thought, but got out, locked the car and went to the elevators with my head filled with plans for the day.

Got to the ground floor and out into the mall.

Normally bustling with activity at 7am, but now deserted.

Wait. Was capitalism cancelled? Had some massive disaster occurred that I knew nothing about? Was it the second coming? Hoping not on all counts, I walked to the entrance.

Then I saw a sign saying that there were Anzac Day services across the road.
I live in Australia.
Anzac Day commemorates the landing of Australian forces at Gallipoli during world war 1.
It's a public holiday.

Doh! I'm a dummy.

So I turned around, went back to the car and drove home feeling foolish.
And annoyed because I had a shit-ton of work I wanted to do at work today.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Avalanche Sharks!

"Avalanche Sharks". Oh lord it is so bad. I need to wash my eyeballs with bleach. A pineapple enema would be better. Is this Ebola? Or am I just bleeding from my eyes in shock? Demon sharks in snow? Wait. What? And what's with that dog? They've tasted human flesh! Oh why, oh why do I watch these movies? Because they are soooooo bad. That music? Dum Dum Dum! That's actually Dumb Dumb Dumb! Teenagers. Spring break. Guns. Avalanches. Sharks. Ancient Indian Burial Ground Sharks. That haven't eaten for 25 years! What could possibly go wrong? "They love people meat" Apparently. And leap into spas full of spring break teenagers. And burst out of the ground to eat guys proclaiming love. What's next? Tree sharks! Swinging from tree to tree! Great sharks! In british columbia! With their girl by their side! And they'll sing! Sing! "I'm a lumber shark and I'm ok! I sleep all night and I eat teenagers all day!" I swear some of these lumber sharks are Canadian! I would swear i heard one lumber shark say"sorry" as it ate some one. Spoiler alert! Some random Japenese tourist straightens some bent sticks! And. And. Lumber sharks vanish! Next in this gripping shark fest: "They thought they were safe on the space station..." Monkey Space Bread Shark! From the people who brought you"Killer Croissants" and "Blood Soaked Baguettes"! Bread Sharks! High gluten terror! "This time... The bread slices you!" You know... Seriously... SciFi would probably make that movie. Er... I'd watch it... And while I'm on a ridiculous point, I've figured out why SciFi produces these appallingly bad movies. To stop an alien invasion. "Wait. What?" I hear you say. Well think about it. Our movie broadcasts are being picked up from civilisations out there. And to be sure their unaminous conclusion has to be: "Land there?! You're joking right? Have you seen the sharks? They're fucking everywhere. They fucking fly for GondFlangle's sake! No fucking way am I exposing my crew to that place.You can't conduct a proper anal probe if you aren't sure there aren't such things as ass-sharks! It'd be be Butts, Blood and Gore all over the medical bay"
What's next? Ben has some ideas... ArachnoShark! Swim into my web of terror! The eight finned freak of nature! Eight mouths! Eight Eyes! Eight stomachs! Eight fins! Eight... Eight... Oh... Whatever

Friday, 7 March 2014

I'm 57. I'm not old.

To anyone who hasn't had a Pythonesque upbringing...
You missed out.
Better hit the 'back' button because you're unlikely to get any references from here on in.

Where was I?
Oh yeah.
I'm not fucking old!

Old is when you accrete cats.
One that pisses everywhere and is called Samson not because he's strong but because he has long hair.
And he's a she.
And one that refuses to be petted and shits in your shoes.
"Those" kind of cats.

And you have one of those ride on carts.
With "Go Faster" stripes.
And aerials.
And a stick so you can poke young people and say: "Get a job! Cut you hair! Marry a cousin!"
Maybe not the latter although Pat Robertson may disagree.

Where was I?

Being old.
No. Fucking. No. .COM.
Not old.com.

"Experienced" My Fucking Phhhbbbttt.

I just survived.

Survived the cold war. Fucking nutters.
Survived hippies. Fucking nutters.
Survived Ayn Rand. Fucking nutters.
Survived fucking tons of crap...
Get off my lawn!


Where was I?

Oh Yes.

Getting a tad annoyed.
Seems like I spend time building spectacular... Wait.. Adequate.. Wait... Shit... Apartments...
For testificates.
They swan around.
They are ignoring the Tom Clark Memorial Mega Tower (Thanks Sips) I spent fucking ages building.
And they... Well... They're "young".
And they expect me.... Me... To provide them with a Mega Tower.
With shopping malls.
And the MC equavalent of FCUK.

I'm the geriatric.
They're folding their arms and acting like it's expected.
Screw them.

I'm the geriatric.
So screw minecraft.
I'm following Sips lead and trying "Banished"!

Oh Crap.
Banished needs Windoze.
Oh crap.

Bloody young whipper snappers.
What the hell is a snapper anyway and why would it whip?

Is it someones birthday?