Sunday 4 December 2011

Cycles of Time by Roger Penrose

I seriously need to re-learn my maths.
And need to re-read "The Road to Reality".

I found the book surprisingly easy to read - being marginally familiar with such things as Phase Space and what not.
However, I *do* need to go back to my old books and re-learn a lot of stuff before I can do justice to this book.
It's argued convincingly and with passion.
(Concentrating on the 2nd law of course)
And therein lies my problem.
I could have been bamboozled and missed something critical due to my lack of education.

It also has geeky humour that made me laugh out load.
I can't say how because it just wouldn't make sense.
For example:
This would be most remarkable, if so, since the Hawking radiation in our own aeon would normally be regarded as being such an absurdly tiny effect that it would be completely unobservable!
Made me laugh out loud.
Somehow I think that admitting that has tarred me as a "strange person."

I need to go back and get my head around those equations and the new ones.
Symmetry, phase space, pressure-less fluids, FLRW, de Sitter and what not.

Like Roy Batty I yell "Time! I need more time damn you!"

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