Sunday 31 August 2014

An almost exhaustive list of YogsCast Complete ores and their processing options.


Anyone who has been watching my videos on YouTube regarding Minecraft Mekanism will be confused about some things.

The link to the videos is:

The list of Ores in the YogsCast Complete server is gi-normous.
How do you process them?

Well, I went to the trouble of sorting through as many ores as I could find and here is the list of options:
(Warning: The last table is wider than will fit, and has notes at the end of some lines. So Cut'n'Paste it into TextWrangler or whatever)

Oh... Just a thought... If you wish I can create a GitHub project to store detail like this. Advise via comments.

Ores that work with 4-way system:

Pack                Name            Code
------------------- --------------- -------
Minecraft           Gold            14      
Minecraft           Iron            15      
Mekanism            Copper          3007:1  
Mekanism            Tin             3007:2  
Mekanism            Osmium          3007
Factorization       Silver          1002    
Tinkers Construct   Gold Gravel     1488:1  
Tinkers Construct   Tin             1475:4  
Tinkers Construct   Copper          1475:3  
Tinkers Construct   Iron Gravel     1488    
Tinkers Construct   Copper Gravel   1488:2  
Tinkers Construct   Tin Gravel      1488:3  
Galacticraft Core   Copper          3410:5  
Galacticraft Core   Copper          3451    
Galacticraft Core   Tin             3451:1  
Galacticraft Core   Tin             3410:6  
Mariculture         Copper          500:1   
Thermal Expansion   Silver          2701:2  
Thermal Expansion   Copper          2701    
Thermal Expansion   Lead            2701:3  
Thermal Expansion   Tin             2701:1  
Emasher Resource    Cassiterite     3173:1  
Emasher Resource    Galena          3173:3  
Emasher Resource    Native Copper   3173:4  
Metallurgy 3        Silver          1702:1  
Metallurgy 3        Tin             1700:1  
Metallurgy 3        Copper          1700    
Forestry            Tin             1398:2  
Forestry            Copper          1398:1  

Ores pushed to an Enrichment Chamber (factory) -> Smelter (factory)
Metallurgy 3        Sulfur          1705:7      
Metallurgy 3        Phosphorite     1705:8      
Metallurgy 3        Magnesium       1705:10     
Metallurgy 3        Potash          1705:12     
Metallurgy 3        Saltpeter       1705:9      
Metallurgy 3        Eximite         1700:5
Metallurgy 3        Meutoite        1700:6
Metallurgy 3        Carmot          1706:6
Metallurgy 3        Mithril         1706:7
Metallurgy 3        Rubracium       1706:8
Metallurgy 3        Orichalcum      1706:11
Metallurgy 3        Adamantine      1706:13     
Metallurgy 3        Atlarus         1706:14     
Metallurgy 3        Bitumen         1705:11     
Metallurgy 3        Platinum        1702:3      
Metallurgy 3        Infuscolium     1706:2      
Metallurgy 3        Prometheum      1706        
Metallurgy 3        Deep Iron       1706:1
Metallurgy 3        Oureclase       1706:4
Metallurgy 3        Astral Silver   1706:5
Metallurgy 3        Manganese       1700:2
Metallurgy 3        Zinc            1702
Emasher Resource    Pentlandite     3173:5
Thermal Expansion   Ferrous         2701:4

                                                Redstone    Enrichment  Pulverizer  Induction   Purification
                                                Furnace     Chamber                 Smelter     Chamber
Factorisation       Dark Iron       1004        Y           .           Y           Y           .
Tinkers Construct   Aluminum        1475:5      .           .           Y           Y           .
Tinkers Construct   Ardite          1475:2      .           .           Y           Y           .
Tinkers Construct   Cobalt          1475:1      .           .           Y           Y           .
Tinkers Construct   Cobalt Gravel   1488:5      .           .           .           .           .               *Smeltery
Tinkers Construct   Aluminum Gravel 1488:4      .           .           .           .           .               *Smeltery
Mariculture         Rutile          500:2       .           .           Y           Y           .               
Mariculture         Bauxite         500         .           .           .           .           .               *Smeltery
Galacticraft Core   Silicon         3410:8      .           .           .           .           .               
Galacticraft Core   Cheese          3451:2      Y           .           .           .           .               
Galacticraft Core   Aluminum        3410:7      Y           .           .           .           .               
qCraft              Quantum         804         .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
ProjectRed          Peridot         2130:2      .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
ProjectRed          Sapphire        2130:1      .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
ProjectRed          Ruby            2130        .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Applied Energistics Cerus Quartz    902         .           .           Y           .           .               *Crusher
Railcraft           Dark Diamond    458:2       .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Railcraft           Dark Emerald    458:3       .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher, Smeltery
Railcraft           Dark Lapis      458:4       .           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Ars Magica 2        Vinteum         1141        Y           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Ars Magica 2        Blue Topaz      1141:2      Y           .           .           .           .               
Ars Magica 2        Moonstone       1141:3      Y           .           .           .           .               
Ars Magica 2        Chimerite       1141:1      Y           .           .           .           .               
Ars Magica 2        Sunstone        1141:4      Y           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Magical Crops       Essence         3714        .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
Biomes O' Plenty    Tanzanite       1942:8      .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Biomes O' Plenty    Topaz           1942:6      .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Biomes O' Plenty    Peridot         1942:4      .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
MineChem            Uranium         3790        Y           .           Y           Y           .               
Biomes O' Plenty    Amethyst        1942        .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
Biomes O' Plenty    Ruby            1942:2      .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Biomes O' Plenty    Sapphire        1942:12     .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Biomes O' Plenty    Malachite       1942:10     .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Magical Crops       Nether Essence  3713        .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
Emasher Resource    Bauxite         3173        Y           .           .           .           .               
Emasher Resource    Emery           3173:2      Y           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Emasher Resource    Sapphire        3173:7      Y           .           .           .           .               *Rock Crusher
Thermal Expansion   Ferrous         2701:4      Y           Y           Y           Y           .               
Factorization       Dark Iron       1004        Y           .           Y           Y           .               
Thaumcraft          Cinnabar        2608        Y           .           .           .           .               
Dartcraft           Nether          1900:1      .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
Dartcraft           Power           1900        .           .           .           .           .               Unknown
Big Reactors        Yellorite       2740        Y           .           Y           Y           .               
Forestry            Apatite         1398        .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher
RailCraft           Sulfur          458         .           .           Y           .           .               *Rock Crusher

Sunday 24 August 2014

So.... Yeah... Here's some advice if you're using rsync to transfer large datasets from an iMac Mavericks to a Drobo (or other NAS)

Don't use the built in rsync.

I was only getting 18Mb/s transfer from an attache WD 4Tb My Book.

That's crap to start with as it is USB3 and should be much higher.

I tried BlackMagic and what not and... nope... It's not running USB3.
Switched ports on the back of the iMac to see if it was a positional issue.
Cable? Hmm. It's blue and says it's USB3...
In any case this post isn't about WD external drives, USB2/3 or iMacs or Mavericks.

It's about rsync.
And I was getting atrocious copy rates to my Drobos.
18-20Mb/s at best.

So let's look at the installed version of rsync:

/usr/bin/rsync --version
rsync  version 2.6.9  protocol version 29
Copyright (C) 1996-2006 by Andrew Tridgell, Wayne Davison, and others.


I have brew installed, so I did a brew install rsync.

/usr/local/bin/rsync --version
rsync  version 3.0.9  protocol version 30
Copyright (C) 1996-2011 by Andrew Tridgell, Wayne Davison, and others.

Better, but the surprise was that when I substituted the brew version for the installed version I went from 18-20Mb/s transfer rate to 40-100Mb/s (depending on the file size and file type of course).

It's not a perfect solution and doesn't explain why the WD 4Tb My Book has such atrocious rates, but I have no time to fiddle with that right now as I have 4Tb to transfer and 40-100 is better than 18-20.

Suggestion: Install the brew version of rsync and use it instead.

Oh... Don't suggest putting a rsyncd service on the Drobos.
That's not the point.

Sunday 17 August 2014

[WARNING] [Minecraft-Server] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

No the time didn't change.
No the server is not overloaded.
There's no-one frickin using it.
No processes other than MC.
And no users because I re-started it.

top - 12:23:31 up 12 days, 19:51,  4 users,  load average: 0.57, 0.46, 0.42
Tasks: 122 total,   1 running, 121 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
%Cpu(s): 13.9 us,  0.4 sy,  0.0 ni, 85.7 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st
KiB Mem:  12286436 total,  5003584 used,  7282852 free,   388952 buffers
KiB Swap: 16756732 total,        0 used, 16756732 free,  2731256 cached

 7137 kim       20   0 4369m 1.4g  22m S  58.6 12.0  86:01.56 java

No one else on the server.

I stopped the service and re-started it.

As soon as Galacticraft loaded, I got this warning.
What the hell?

Can someone please modify that warning to give some more indication as to why it occurs?


Saturday 16 August 2014

Well here is something fascinating about DroboFS devices.

Had a problem.
With a very old DroboFS.
We have two, named Moya and Lexx, which if you aren't familiar with... Oh WTH. Go look it up.

In any case...
Moya started developing some issues.
Strange responses, 'name too long' and so on.
Tried to delete krap folders without effect.
Eventually the device went west.

Removed drives, rebooted, all ok.
Latest firmware.
Drives back in in exactly the same positions.
Same issue.
Device reboots constantly, all drive bays lit up like christmas.

Other DroboFS.
rsync'd all data off it.
Removed drives.
Booted it.
Dashboard shows it as Lexx.
(This took nearly a week I might add. Old Drobos aren't quick on the network front)

Inserted all drives in exact same positions from Moya and booted.
Watched with bated breath at the Drobo dashboard.
The device changes it's identity to Moya.
Even the IP address changed.

Ok. You learn something every day.
Currently rsync'ing all the data off it in prep for a complete burn.

Also, and somewhat off-topic, been reading up on MTBF of various brands of drives.
All the drives in Moya and Lexx are Seagate Barracuda 2 and 3Tb.

No more, she said!

After such a good experience with the Synology DS214SE with WD 3Tb Red NAS drives, I'm switching.
I'm going to pimp out these old Drobos with WD from now on.

Sunday 10 August 2014

For the record: Minecraft YogtCast Complete

This is what I use to create a YogsCastComplete Server using the AWESOME ATLauncher pack:

Optional Mods:              Recommended
--------------              -----------
Cauldron [formerly MCPC+]        .      Server super weapon
Cauldron Libs                    .      Mandatory Libraries for Cauldron
Advanced Genetics                Y      Custom Eldritch Horrors
EiraIRC                          .      IRC Extensions
Ex Aliquo                        Y      From nothing to everything
Ex Nihilo                        Y      From nothing to something
ICBM [wildex999 Fork]            .      Blow things up in style
Logistics Pipes                  .      Even more amazing pipes
Mobius Core                      .      Doctors toolkit
MystCraft                        *      See below
Not Enough Codecs                Y      Adds AAC/MP3 support to open blocks
OpenEye                          Y      Issue tracker
Opis                             .      Opal Map Scanner
Resonant Induction               y      Bulwark of electricity
Resonant Induction [Archaic]     Y      Stone age fun
Resonant Induction [Atomic]      Y      Plasma and particle accelerators
Resonant Induction [Electrical]  Y      Tesla Coils
Resonant Induction [Mechanical]  Y      Gears
Sync                             Y      Provides clones
Morph                            .      Allows players to acquire morph skill and turn into other mobs

I chose with recommended, and added MystCraft.
Notice no Rei's minimap.
Maybe not included in this version.
This is a list of the required mods to work.
I should include links to the wikis, but I've had too much bourbon,

Required Mods
World Core
CQ Libs
denLib Utils
Java 7 Checker
Additional BuildCraft Objects
Advanced Thaumaturgy
Applied Energistics
Ars Magica 2 [by Mithion]
AutoUtils [Chisel Labs]
BiblioWoods [Biomes o' Plenty]
BiblioWoods [Forestry]
BiblioWoods [Natura]
Big Reactors
Binnie's Mods
Blood Magic
Carpenter's Blocks
Charlotte's Utilities
Chisel [Asie]
Chocolate Quest
CoFH Core
Dimensional Anchors
Ender Storage
Engineer's Toolbox
Enhanced Portals 3
Extra Cells
Extra Utilities
Finndus Fillies
Flat Signs
Forbidden Magic
Galacticraft Core
Galacticraft Mars
Greg's Lighting
GrowthCraft [Apples]
GrowthCraft [Bamboo]
GrowthCraft [Cellar]
GrowthCraft [Core]
GrowthCraft [Fishtrap]
GrowthCraft [Grapes]
GrowthCraft [Hops]
GrowthCraft [Rice]
Hardcore Ender Expansion
Immibis Core
Immibis Peripherals
Iron Chests
Liquid XP
Mad Science
Magical Crops
Magic Bees
Mekanism Generators
Mekanism Tools
Micdoodle 8 Core
MineFactory Reloaded [Skyboy Fork]
Modular Forcefield System
Modular Powersuits
Modular Powersuits Addons
NEI Addons
Nether Ores [Skyboy Fork]
Not Enough Items
Not Enough Keys
OpenPeripheral Addons
OpenPeripheral Core
Ore Dictionary Converter
Partical Physics
Plugins for Forestry
PowerCrystals Core [Skyboy Fork]
Project Red: Base
Project Red: Compat
Project Red: Integration
Project Red: Lighting
Project Red: Mechanical
Project Red: World
Random Things
Redstone Armory
Redstone Arsenal
Redstone Paste
Refined Relocation
Remain in Motion
Resonant Enging
Rock Crusher Metal Dusts Add-On
Simple Recycling
Simply Jetpacks
Slick Util [MPS]
Small Boats
Soul Shards Reborn
Steve's Carts
Steve's Factory Manager
Super Crafting Frame
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumic Tinkerer
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI
Thermal Expansion
Tinker's Construct
Tinker's Mechworks
The Twilight Forest
Universal Electricity API
Game Mode: Make Powergen Fair
Game Mode: Make Oregen Plentiful
EiraIRC Server Config
Buildcraft Tools
Hardcore Questing Mode
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mode
The SecretRoomsMod

This wasn't covered in YouTuber 101...

Oh lord.
I have to take 36min capture, cut it up into smaller chunks using iMovie '09.
Then export them to separate MOVs.
Then upload them individually into YT.
It's the waiting.
The waiting.
The waiting.
Th endless, take a shotgun, two shells and call me in the morning waiting.
Oh lord.
Recording it was easy.
Editing, cutting and uploading is a PITA.

Saturday 9 August 2014

Movie upload failed

This leads you to:

Which says:

The video you have requested is not available.

So WHY is the upload failing?

The Sheer Ham Fisted Genius Of Belkin Designers!

Bought a new window mount because Ben wants to have his iPhone attached to the window of the car.
The genius of it.
Here's the box:

Now we open it as any NORMAL PERSON WOULD DO.

And this is what we see:

The sheer genius of it.
INSIDE the top of the box.

Look and be stunned.

Or amazed.


Friday 8 August 2014

Give Me GigBit NetWorking OR Give Me Freedom!

Oh Lord.
Trying to frantically backup a DroboFS to a Synology DS214SE.
The latter, I have to say, was a brilliant purchase.
But networking.
GigaBit Networking required.
And I only have 10/100.
Expensive weekend I fear,

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Mincraft - Series 2 A Mob Interlude - complete

Series 02 - A Mob Interlude is now complete.
A tad dry but fun dialogue.
Plus I make a massive mistake between D H Lawrence and H P Lovecraft.
Yes really.
Joy of joys.
But I make amends with the last video.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Why certain practices in companies stay the way they are despite being silly.

Two points:

This story illustrates the point succinctly.

2) I have a personal non-work example.
When I was very young in the early 60's we didn't have a 'cooker'.
We had a coal fireplace and 'hobs' which were swinging cast-iron arms that moved over the fire.
You put kettles, pots etc on them and your food got cooked.

For several years we moved from house to house and then to Australia in 1968.

It had a gas cooker that was so big you could put a side of beef in.
I watched my mother get a roast ready.
She got the roast and cut the top third off and placed the 2/3rd and 1/3rd next to each other in a tray.
I wondered why, but didn't ask her why.

Then in 1977 I travelled to the UK and visited my Aunt and Uncle.
My Aunt did exactly the same thing my mother did.
2/3rd 1/3rd of a roast in a tray.

Later that year I visited my GrandParents.
To my total surprise I saw her do the same thing.
I asked why.
Her response:

"When I was young we only had a cooker that was about 4 inches tall run by coal.
So I cut the top off the roast so that it would fit.
I just haven't changed."

Ah. I see.
We tend to do the same things because other people do it that way because of some reason that doesn't matter anymore.

So. Re-evaluation time for your habits.