Wednesday 20 January 2021

A Proposal for using a new National Guard Public Health Agency that integrates vaccine rollout, GND and M4A

Serious question: Could Biden use the vaccine rollout to create something like public clinics (call it National Guard Public Health Agency) staffed by National Guard health workers in each state/county that are cost-free?

This is a bit messy as it it c'n'p from a twit thread. Sorry.

It would not be difficult to use de-mountable buildings instead of tents or gymnasiums etc.

Since the NG could be used as the major delivery pipeline, then it makes sense to have them use some public land to create distribution/staging etc areas.

Then over the time, those buildings become semi-permanent. 

It just seems staggeringly obvious to co-opt the NG to do the vacc rollout. 

But what do I know, I'm just an Grumpy Old (64) Gamer Lady from Australia who would like to see the NG being used for public good.

I know I'm not an American, but I lived there in the 80's and it saddens me to see the slow disintegration. 

Dangit. I wish there was a discord or whatever where this kind of issue can be discussed at length. 

I really think the basic idea has legs. 

Also it neatly fits into the GND where "green zones" could be established on the highway system that could be powered by solar/wind etc. 

I have many gamer friends in the US who can see this working. 

It will take bold big integrated projects to invigorate the people and provide solid results. 

If people actually see the govt doing real things that benefit them directly happening "just down the road" from where they live.

Also fitting into the GND, Biden has said he would be rebuilding the hwy system and it seems to me that having "green zones" built using labor from the local area fits in neatly. 

Good jobs, good education, good pay, good prospects, real direct local impact. 

And switching NG small vehicles to EVs and establishing EV chargers in the "green zones" would spur the move away from ICEs to EVs. 

#StopBurningStuff Seems like a no-brainer.

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