Tuesday 14 May 2013

Benji and Jesse are off to find their forever homes

Ok. Just took back the latest foster cats to the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.
You can see the fostering site at: http://www.facebook.com/AWLQLD or the main site at http://www.awlqld.com.au/

That makes 12 so far! 4 cats and 8 kittens.
All except the last two have found forever homes.
For cat lovers I have included pictures below.
Or you could just go to my Facebook page to see the album...

We picked these two up from the AWLQ  as they had been stuck in a cage for several weeks with cat flu. That's not cruelty BTW, but rather the foster centre had simply run out of space!

The Tabby (Benji) is a total companion cat and for the first week followed me around everywhere wanting head butts and cuddles.
After he got over the flu his 'instincts' took over and he was constantly trying to 'get it on' with me.
Now he's back at the fostering centre, they'll give him the snip and he'll just be a fantastic cat with no requirement to h__p his new mom. :-)
He would make a very welcome addition to a family with a large house as he likes to run around getting involved in everyones business.



Jesse below is a year old and is a huge ball of fluff with a small cat embedded in it.
She's a very private cat but does like to sleep a lot. I suspect that an older couple would find her just peachy.


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