Thursday 13 June 2013

The latest foster cat "Moose" has arrived

Moose (3yrs old) needs some quiet time to recover form ear mites. And what a surprise! Either by accident or breeding he has half a tail! The curious thing is that I don't have those subtle indicators of mood based on tail language. It's only been two days though so some learning has to be done.

And he SOOOO wants to get outside. I guess he was a outdoor cat in his previous life.

Totally affectionate, chatty and incredibly strong. Just a ball of muscle. When you get head butted, you REALLY feel it.

And he 'understands' sliding doors. My office upstairs has a closet with two sliding doors. I closed them. Later I went looking for him and one door was open. Thinking I had not closed it properly I closed it. "MEEEOOOOWW" Oh. He was in there. So I got him out and closed the doors. Later I went upstairs to check my previous FB status in. And one of the sliding doors was open! And guess who was peeking out? I actually caught him opening a sliding door yesterday, but couldn't video it as I was in the bathroom and didn't have my phone. I'll try to get some video of him opening a door when I can.

Some photos:



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