Thursday 12 March 2015

Thank you Dr Mark Courtney and Dr Paul Murphy and all the staff at John Flynn Hospital

Ok. I survived my latest surgery. Many thanks to the staff of John Flynn Private Hospital and Dr Mark Courtney and Dr Mark Murphy for making it memorable.

I say memorable in that my handbag and overnight bag got lost. I'm not complaining mind you.


6 hours of searching by security staff eventually found them. Keys, cards, prescriptions, etc basically 2/3rds of my life recovered. Thanks guys!

In the mean time I had to wear paper clothing and be restricted to my room. Which was awesome I have to say. Fantastic views. But no underwear. Sucks to be me. Dr Courtney came round to see how I was faring at 7:30pm. Way, way, seriously way, after his visiting times.

Now that's dedication to doing the right thing.


He was an angel and sent me home rather than stay overnight because:

1) The cyst (huge bugger as it was) was easy to remove and
2) I didn't bleed like a stuck pig and
3) He understood I had to pay for the room out of my own pocket and
4) ALIENS! No. Not really. Just people. Humans. Good humans.
5) Now where did I put number 6?
6) Oh! Here it is!

I shook his hand warmly and gave him a hug. He positively beamed happiness.

And a big shout-out to Dr Paul Murphy.
We had met before and I kept calling him 'Paul'.
Kinda odd in a professional kind of way.
I kept expected him to say

I didn't spend 3 years in "evil Anaesthesia College" to be called "Paul" thank you very much. It's Dr Murphy if you please.
Sorry about that.

Oh. I have to mention. While in pre-op I overheard the birth of two babies. AWESOME. Made me smile. And many of the staff I have to say. Cool.

I now have a HUGE plaster on my neck and my neck hurts like... Like... Buggery... But I have antibiotics, pan forte and FINALLY have this damn thing out of my neck. Two years of coughing myself to distraction every morning for 2 hours. Gone. Clicking when I swallow. Gone. Glands the size of golf balls. Gone. Finally. Gone.

Thank you Dr Mark Courtney and Dr Mark Murphy and all the staff at John Flynn Hospital for making it go away. Thank you.

And A massive shout out to security for ransacking every ward and every locker for my bags.

Thank you.

Dr Courtney.
Dr Murphy.

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