Wednesday 15 February 2012

Seriously Odd Results from Google

We had KFC last night. One of the most frustrating things about having a fresh Bucket'o'Bits in the car is that I can smell chlorine or ammonia or bleach or something.
B can't smell it, but it bugs the hell out of me.
So I went to Google and entered "why does kfc smell of chlorine"...

Gods teeth and little chickens! People are just plain weird!
On the first page of results I got these gems:

"My girlfriend won't let me smell her period blood..."
"Rotten Chicken Industry-What The Non Muslims Say"
"Chlorine and your Thyroid, the good and the bad..."

No. No she won't. Why? Because you're weird. Seek help.
So I switched from chlorine to ammonia.
And would you believe it!

"My girlfriend won't let me smell her period blood..."
"Top 10 Most Gross & Disgusting Foods"
"My store bought salmon smells like ammonia?"
"Why does my urine smell like chicken gravy?"

Chicken Gravy? Gack... See a doctor.
So I switched from ammonia to bleach.
You gotta be kidding me:

"Daily Life of the KFC Killer Freaky Creeps, a Bleach and Vampire ..."
"Does anyone besides me love the smell of car gasoline?"

After some adjustments to the search terms I did eventually find out that the smell was probably the Sulfur Dioxide they use to whiten the fries before cooking.
But seriously, those first two pages made me worry about Googles search algorithms.

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