Sunday 20 July 2014

Hmm. How many people would be interested in minecraft cheat sheets for Mekanism, ProjectRed, JABBA etc?

I've been a avid fan of Minecraft for some time.
I tend to always "build" in survival mode.
And since I'm just shy of 60 I tend to forget the recipes and have to sit there running back and forth between a tool station and chests as I use the '?' button to remember what I need to make stuff.
So in sheer frustration I created a series of A3 PDFs of various components I use regularly, printed them out and stuck them to my wall.
Then I could just glance sideways and know what I needed.

Because I may be over-stepping copyright boundaries and what not, I decided to contact the authors of the various mods to see if they would be amicable to having me make these available outside of their 'official' wikis.

No response.

Hmm. Ok. It's only been a coupla days... So I thought I'd ask my readers if they would be interested in giving feed back that I could use to bolster support.

So you're not left hanging as to what these sheets look like here are some partials I took:

So... Any bites? I'll gather results and pass them on to the authors of the ModPacks and see if I can get these out there...

Your call...

Ta muchly

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