Wednesday 16 July 2014

Minecraft - Sieve Automation

You have a mouse.
It has a right boo-ton. Yes. That's how you pronounce it...
Not 'T-u-n', but 't-o-n'.
(Watch YogsCast on YouTube for how you pronounce stuff. Like Bah-bee not Bay-Bee)
Rant over.

So to avoid RSI of one of your fingers...
Get your sieve.
Fill your inventory with Earth or Gravel or what the frick ever.
Carefully right click to start the process.
And then gently place a reasonably heavy object in the same spot your RSI addled finger was.
I use an iPad cover.
Then you can safely sit back and watch shattered ores, seeds or what-the-frick-ever fill your inventory.
While you sip (or gulp) at your favorite beverage.
(Mine's bourbon).
So PLEASE stop searching for some mechanistic approach and go back to basics.
You have a mouse.
It has a right boo-ton.
You have a heavy object.
You have a glass of your favorite beverage.
Do... There is no try. There is only Dig or No-Dig.

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