Saturday 16 August 2014

Well here is something fascinating about DroboFS devices.

Had a problem.
With a very old DroboFS.
We have two, named Moya and Lexx, which if you aren't familiar with... Oh WTH. Go look it up.

In any case...
Moya started developing some issues.
Strange responses, 'name too long' and so on.
Tried to delete krap folders without effect.
Eventually the device went west.

Removed drives, rebooted, all ok.
Latest firmware.
Drives back in in exactly the same positions.
Same issue.
Device reboots constantly, all drive bays lit up like christmas.

Other DroboFS.
rsync'd all data off it.
Removed drives.
Booted it.
Dashboard shows it as Lexx.
(This took nearly a week I might add. Old Drobos aren't quick on the network front)

Inserted all drives in exact same positions from Moya and booted.
Watched with bated breath at the Drobo dashboard.
The device changes it's identity to Moya.
Even the IP address changed.

Ok. You learn something every day.
Currently rsync'ing all the data off it in prep for a complete burn.

Also, and somewhat off-topic, been reading up on MTBF of various brands of drives.
All the drives in Moya and Lexx are Seagate Barracuda 2 and 3Tb.

No more, she said!

After such a good experience with the Synology DS214SE with WD 3Tb Red NAS drives, I'm switching.
I'm going to pimp out these old Drobos with WD from now on.

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