Sunday 28 December 2014

A very Diggy Diggy Minecraft and Gaming Christmas!

Not just MineCraft.
Here's some photos:

Our decorations include Minecraft items!

And Daleks and K9 and some paper figures of us:

Ben got a metal Millenium Falcon to make. Warning: You will need snippers, a tweezer and the eyesight of an eagle.

He got me a Minecraft GiftPack of books.
Aimed at kids, but really cool.
I particularly liked that on page 2 of every book is a page about staying safe online.
Sigh. Vanilla Minecraft. Awesome.

Also some Minecraft paper figurines.
(The video is Wil Wheaton and others playing Ticket to Ride)

I got him a baby StrandBeest!
It really works and walks and creeps you out with its organic look when it's moving.

And would you believe it, we bought each other a copy of the KJV Manga Bible!
See Moses using his Ninja Skills!
Curiously the one on the left covers the whole old testament in great detail while the one on the right skips most of it to concentrate on the new testament.
Both leave out a shed load of books from both testaments, but they are both very cool.

Oh. And here's Ticket to Ride!
We played it straight away and love it.

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