Tuesday 21 October 2014

Minecraft Yogscast Complete Pack - How to make BRONZE!

Annoying as buggery.
Want to play with BEES!
But you need bronze.
And wouldn't you know it if you pop 3 copper ingots around a tin ingot in a crafting bench as described in the wiki it does nothing.
I thought it might be that the ingots were Mekanism, but I tried others.

So here's the trick.

1) Get a stack of ingots and go to your crusher.
2) Crush them to dust.
3) Go to your metallurgic infuser.
4) Pop the dust in the left hand "power" bar (purple box).
(If you have redstone or coal in it, click the 'dump' button')
5) Pop your stack of copper ingots in the input (red box).
6) Out come bronze ingots.

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