Wednesday 26 October 2011

Holy Magazines Batman! Young Earth Creationists have their own publication!

Stunned I was.
Since borders vanished (woe! gnashing of teeth) I've had to get my mag fix from news-agents.
Most are rubbish and don't have the kind of weird stuff I like.
Anyway, I went into a large one near where I work and went to the "Science" section.
And there, embedded between Scientific American, New Scientist, Cosmos, Fortean Times, Nature and Skeptic...
Odd, I thought - then I picked it out and opened it.
I was mind buggered in an instant.
Almost every article is about why the Earth (and the universe in general) is 6,000 years old.
Why the Giraffe is impossible by accident and could only come about by design.
Why aliens are impossible.
And so on.
The general flow of each 'article' is this:
a) find two 'scientists' who appear to have differing views,
b) take their comments out of context,
c) use a 'argument from incredulity' (WTF),
d) comment that the bible says that everything is 6,000 years old,
e) state the conclusion.
The conclusion is always along the line:
"We know it's not evolution - but creation!"
"Flat earth people should have stuck to the bible!"
"We are not smothered by darwinistic fog!"
"Man was directly created by God and not in the likeness of an ape!"
"Only God could have created the giraffe!"
Wait. What?
Apart from the complete lack of understanding of how science works...
Now don't get me wrong.
I have no beef with what people believe in their own homes.
It's when the illusion of 'doing science' is promoted to people in this manner I get a tad miffed.
I was particularly annoyed by the article specifically targeting kids about how there is no evidence to say humans and apes have a common ancestor.
Rant over.

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