Monday 10 October 2011

Todays Interesting News

New telescope takes image of galaxies colliding
Lung cancer secret solved by scientists
Qu8k Rockets Above the Balloons
LHSee - Large Hadron Collider app - Big bang science in your pocket
Western fast food, waistlines surge in India
New theories emerge to disprove OPERA faster-than-light neutrinos claim

Chrome extension enables remote control
EU approves Microsoft's Skype takeover
Atlassian buys SourceTree, makes it free
Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet & Predator Drone 'Virus' Could Be Military's Own Monitoring
Oracle's Ambitious Plan For Client-Side Java
Google puts MySQL in App Engine Cloud with Google Cloud SQL
Puppet vs Chef, Fight
A reboot of PHP: keep the philosophy, improve the syntax with the jvm

Three women win Nobel Peace Prize
Scott McNealy's new venture
Flying Monsters' Pterosaurs Soar With Avatar-Style 3-D
Insert Coin: Romo, the smartphone robot (video)
CLASH is an adorable, cloth-climbing roach-bot (video)
Watch A Pilot Cooly, Calmly Ditch His Plane In The Pacific Ocean

Don't they ever learn?
Incomplete PDF Redaction Leaks Data From UK MoD

Patients' lists exceed population
California pot crackdown
Homeland Security starts Pre-Crime
German government accused of spying on citizens with state-sponsored Trojan
UN Bigwig: The Web Should Have Been Patented and Licensed
Florida School District Begins Fingerprinting Students
FBI Plans Nationwide Face-Recognition Trials In 2012
Painful Neck? YOU May Be Suffering From Text Neck!
Women who violate headscarf law should be stripped of passports: Iranian lawmaker

UK banks hit by Moody's downgrade
Groupon steps back as LivingSocial issues $143 million in stock
Lack of cash claim 'hilarious': Groupon
Oil May Be Finite, But U.S. Production Is Ramping Up
Clamping Down on High-Speed Stock Trades: US, Canada, European regulators
eBay En Route To $4B In Gross Mobile Sales
9 Reasons Why Online Video Advertising Has Failed to Meet Previous Forecasts


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