Monday 21 November 2011

Early Slava!

One of our colleagues is of Serbian descent and invited us around for early "Slava" on Saturday.
For those that don't know, that's the Serbian Orthodox tradition of the ritual celebration and veneration of a family's own patron saint.
(for more detail visit:
Since I am an atheist, I didn't cross myself during the initial ceremony, but nobody seemed to mind.
In any case it was great food and great people.
Here's the menu:

Chicken noodle soup (gf)
Vegetable noodle soup (gf)(vgn)

2nd course:
Meat sarma & punjaje paprika (gf)
Vegetable sarma & punjaje paprika (gf)(vgn)

3rd course:
Pork hock pasulj (gf)
Vegitable pasulj (gf)(vgn)

Fried cevapcice (gf)
Fried Egg plant and Temphe (gf)(vegan)
Roast vegetables (gf)(vegan)

Cheese, spring onion and kale gibanica (vgt)
Cashew, spring onion and kale gibanica (gf?)(vgn)
cakes (gf)(vgn)

(gf) = gluten free
(vgt) = vegetarian
(vgn) = vegan

And he brought in some left-overs for me to take home!

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