Thursday 17 November 2011

Nothing in particular. (K)

Gardening done.
Bills paid online. 
Tax basically sorted.
UK GMC registered physician identified.
Bathroom cleaned and scrubbed. 
Sweat from this morning showered off. 
AirCon on and n*ked with a glass of wine. 
Only way to be. 

Max (our robot vacuum cleaner) started off upstairs doing his thing. 
"Thud. Bang. Thud. Bang. DooDoo-DOO-Doo!"
Banging about in the bedroom. 
He'll be in here soon banging about my feet.
But at least the vacuuming is done.

Tried to build a ramp for him so he can get into the bathroom...
Total trailer park epic fail. 
Sigh. I'm krap on the physical side of things.

Once built a rabbit hutch.
Used a manual.
After I finished I looked at it.
And burst into laughter.
I expected a Leporidae Hutch Inspector to turn up at any moment and slapping a "Condemned - Unfit for Rabbitation" sticker on it.
FYI: go here: to find out more about where the word rabbit comes from.
Go figure. Never knew that you'd get your head punched in if you called a cricketer a rabbit. Funny things names eh?

Rant about enterprise framework lunacy formulating in my mind.

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