Wednesday 12 September 2012

I'd like to illustrate the difference between "What?" and "Wait. What?!?" moments

In the first case this is where the data is bizarre but in some strange way believable in this world.

For example:
"The vatican announced today that Cardinal Richelieu is divesting his stocks in Diesel Powered Nuns Incorporated. He feels his shares would be better served in the Titanium sector."
Now that's a "What?" moment.
Kinda like when you bite into a pie and find a hair.

Now contrast that with this completely frickin' stupid and made up news item:
"Diesel Powered Nuns Incorporated spokes-lesbian Moonie Santorini today announced that the global power struggle will continue.
The effort to make men thinks socks are good when really they have been designed for centuries to create weak footed men has been a staggering success.
'Men, all over the world today, are wearing socks. We think this is good.' said Mz Santorini.
'They are forced to wear shoes to protect their socks. And this will make them useless when the rapture comes.' She continued."
Now that's a definite "Wait. What?!?" moment.

That's like biting into a pie and finding a hair and recognising a whisker from your cat that disappeared last week.

So now you know when to say "What?" and when to say "Wait. What?!?"

I urge people to apply this to announcements from major IT organisations and political parties. Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Republicans, The Fed, Liberals, Conservatives etc... All in all. Everyone. Just every-frickin-one. No-one is immune.

Wait. What?!?

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