Friday 21 September 2012

You know you're a socially inept dork when...

1) You stop posting on FB and no-one notices
2) You comment on an FB post and all other comments then stop
3) You see someone you know in the street and they look confused
4) On those rare moments you actually have a non-work related conversation with someone they look at you strangely and you realise you've said something bad and haven't got a clue what it is
5) You call yourself a jerk and no-one disagrees
6) You start to tell a joke about the Higgs boson and realise no-one will get it
7) People you try to talk to seem to have so many urgent things to do
8) People smile at you in a way you don't understand
9) No-one finds the fact that you can recite Star Trek Original series scripts interesting
10) You think tank based slippers are cool
11) You correct people all the time
12) You have no-one on your iChat list except your husband. He's in the other room. You message him
13) You like making lists about what a socially inept dork is
14) You go "Oh crap" when you realise the list describes you

Oh crap.

15) You post the list on FB and think about adding a comment to it. But then wait 15mins. And then add a comment.
16) You check the post every 5mins to see if anyone has commented. In your heart of hearts you're afraid that if they do you won't know what to say.
17) You wait another 15mins. There is a comment. You panic and type something
18) See #2.

Oh crap.

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