Wednesday 25 January 2012

Holy Robot and a Beetle Beetleman!

Ok, It was B's birthday today, so I bought him a robot arm.
A kit I might add. 200+ parts.
He put it together and was maneuvering cork stoppers with ease within an hour.
Damn. For $70 I wanted him to take at least 2hrs.
Here it is and I apologize for the fuzziness:

Now the beetle.
We had ordered some food, and left the light on out the front.
We heard a massive BANG at the door and figured it was the delivery.
A F**k off beetle.
Huge bugger.
Here it is...

Don'tcha just love Australia?

I might point out that I was sitting out the back stoop imbibing Bourbon a few hours ago and a 4' wingspan bat crashed into our fence - flailing about screeching away. Impressive. Not as impressive as this bad boy, bit pretty cool.

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