Monday 2 January 2012

The Root of all Evil

Now to many of you educated loonies this may not be news, but I’ve had to explain this to a couple of people recently, so I have taken it upon myself to educate. 


It’s not 
As you would expect based on the square root of an invalid famous number. Learn ancient greek and find out that it’s actually:
Ok. It’ll take a few of you to work that one out. Go read that last book of the standardized new testament again and think about it. You’d think it was the first number, but you’d be somewhat incorrect. Dr Ellen Aitken discovered the correct number.

An old article but see here: 666 not the devils number

One last thing. B just pointed out an item for sale on eBay. A Millennium Falcon chess set (from Star Wars for anybody not born this century). Now I looked at this items photo which starts bidding at £4.99. And I had a thought that it was in remarkable nick. And in very good focus for something that big.  I mean, it had Chewie and C3P0 playing chess on it right? 

That big? 

Hang on a moment! 

Then I got it. The damn thing is about half an inch across! So some dude is dismantling some Hasbro (or whatever) model of a Millennium Falcon and selling the pieces of that toy on eBay for £5, or thereabouts, a go! Man, oh man, I wish I’d thought of that!

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