Wednesday 4 January 2012

No Smart Comment goes Unpunished

Speaking of weird things I stumbled across an English website dedicated to “Christians against Mental Slavery.” Oooookaaay. Sounds self defeating to me. Apparently they want it to be a crime for anyone to monitor or influence human thought with the use of technology without consent. So, their website itself and of course CCTV in the Holy See is right out, I suppose. 

I love their catch-phrase though: “A website which we pray that god will use to change the course of human history.” Then almost as an afterthought they have “, for the better” tacked on the end. For whom, one might ask.

The site is broken by the way. The main page has a stuffed link so unless you know what’s wrong and enter the URL manually, you can’t actually enter the site or visit any of the pages. I suppose that’s what they mean when they use the phrase “informed consent” because you have to be informed (in HTTP) to enter the site and by doing that you’re giving consent. Convoluted I grant you, but logical.

Their “Scientific Evidence” page is rather curious and entertaining though. The use of microwaves to cause people to hallucinate and “hear voices.” is quite interesting, but it all seems pointless to me given that TV and video games are doing such a great job of influencing people. And don’t come back with that “video games can’t influence children” nonsense. Advertisers pay millions for a 15 second slot on TV and they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

And speaking of monitoring, did you know that a large percentage of Americans believe they (and their pets apparently) are being stalked by groups and driven to suicide by government officials who “want to take out the trash.” Apparently they burgle your house (but don’t take or move anything), stage accidents in front of people and the like. Now I’m not talking about plain old community harassment here. Odd. But don’t despair, if, like some people in Canada who had their entire neighborhood bought out by an organized (and obviously rich) gang of harassment professionals just to target one person, you want to fight back, then you can! Yes! Just buy Orgone tools such as the Pulsed Crystal Succor Punch which is a quartz crystal with mobius knots around it that you hold over your heart chakra. Ah. Yes. That’s better. Now I am no longer bothered by those pesky thoughts and people and reptilian aliens and psychic gremlins who stand behind me in supermarkets and do things specifically to annoy me (and drive my pets to suicide) that no-one else can see.

It all sounds a tad loony, but it, like UFOs, has a dedicated and growing following. Odd.

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