Monday 9 January 2012

Review: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

I have a strong suspicion I read this when it came out in 1992.
The first part is quite good; being a discussion of David Bohm and his work in physics.
The second and third parts have a certain 'aura' that became distinctly uncomfortable.
Then I had a holographic moment.
No, no, I was re-reading Chariots of the Gods!
Michael Talbot had morphed into Erich von Daniken!
It's funny after all these years that I can now go back and revisit the statements that I was so much in awe of and look up the psychic events Talbot describes.
Like Sai Baba and the like.
What a crock.
So much promise and so much rubbish.
The shoe horning of the holographic principle into almost every paragraph is distinctly embarrassing.
I regret that I harassed so many people in the 90's about this and it turns out to be a pile of...
Oh well.
We live and learn.

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