Tuesday 6 March 2012

I was feeling miserable so I built a castle out of cushions.

I work in IT. Anyone who does will recognise these:

P1: Worlds going to end.
P2: Worlds going to end later today.
P3: Worlds going to end by COB.

All of which have the following consequence: Managers will make you commit hari kari if it isn't fixed right frickin now. There is a P0 but no-one talks about that except in hushed tones as it usually involves an alien mothership, sharp knives and investors. OMG, I've revealed too much.

I have quite a few of these pending.

I've been sick. Flu sick. I was feeling shattered, aching, sick and miserable so I went downstairs and started watching a few episodes of King of the Hill season 6. Nice. Only problem was that every time I laughed I coughed up a lung. Not nice as I am running out of them.

We have this really nice sofa. L shaped. And I found myself in the corner and was cold. So I started pulling cushions in on myself. Then a pillow. Then my Blankie. Then a hyper-frickin-fluffy bath robe B's mother bought me.

Pretty soon I had a castle. Warm. Cuddly. Feeling better now. Mistress of all I survey. Which admittedly is mainly a coffee table, a TV and a glass of bourbon.

Only thing missing is a 50 cal and an AK-47. With sniper scope. And night vision. OMG I've made myself laugh. There goes the last lung.

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