Monday 5 March 2012

Movie Review: "Hybrid"

Ok. Once you get past the central conceit, this isn't a bad film.
The acting is good, the filming fairly tight and not flaky, the suspense and flow maintained quite well.
Nice sting in the tail and good characterizations for the most part.

The idea is that a bunch of police mechanics and doing a late night Friday shift and are working 3 levels down in a heavily secured workshop.
Unfortunately for them a car has been delivered that is, shall we say, not what it seems.
Ten little indians happen and one by one they get eaten by the car.
Until they trap it in.... No. No spoilers.

My only problem is the central conceit.
So... You know that certain octopuses, octopi or whatever can disguise themselves as coconuts, coral and what not, yes?
So... Thousands, if not millions of years ago, some octopi came on land.
And started hunting humans.
So they disguised themselves as caves, trees and what not.
Wait. What?
Ok. Ok. Never mind. Let's just drive headlong into weirdness.
So over the millennia they have disguised themselves using the current dominant useful thing.
Caves. Trees. Huts. Sheds. Cars.
What. What?
Ok. Ok. Never mind. Let's just drive headlong into weirdness.
Yes cars. So they camouflage themselves so well as a Buick town car or a Ford GTO that even trained mechanics can't tell at 2 feet that they are a frickin' great bad ass octopus.
When it's sitting there and they're all standing around it, why the phuque doesn't it reveal itself and eat them right there?
Oh well.
I enjoyed it. It just wasn't that bad as far a B- Grade sci-fi.
Or maybe I was too sick. Whatever.
So grab some beers and a pizza and watch it.

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