Thursday 8 March 2012

Movie Review: "Legion"

Downgraded to Meh.
First off I just don't get this obsession with end of times stuff.
I don't mean the save the world stuff like Independence Day (not that I don't have serious beefs with that one), but rather this Armageddon apocalypse nonsense where some invisible mystical being sends 'down' warriors to destroy everything and kill everybody but the ones who are faithful.
Messianamericism I guess.

Anyway, apart from one scene where I thought the angels use of wings as a potent physical weapon was an original idea, I felt the movie just fell flat.
There were a lot of zombies involved, but they were a characterless inert bunch and if they had not been present I don't think anyone would have noticed.

All in all if you want to get a feel for the movie, watch Terminator followed by The Prophecy movies.
Same result but more enjoyable.

Say this in a Christopher Walken voice: "If you want the baby to live, come with me"


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