Monday 21 May 2012

Book Review: "Free Will" by Sam Harris

Book? Well. Maybe. More like lecture notes or those pamphlets they used to write in the 19th century.
(Should do more of those. Authors take note please.)

In any case. I suggest you get it and read it.
A well reasoned if somewhat stream of consciousness discussion of what actually constitutes free will.

Summing up: Mental weather.

Valium might help. It did in my case... :-)

But having said that this is a well reasoned discussion of the illusion we all have about free will.

And having read it and examined my personal illusion of free will and the upbeat nature of the conclusion...
I can honestly say that I retract my initial thought that:
"If we are all mental weather machines, then it is just an easy jump for others to add the word 'just' to justify unspeakable horrors on the world."
I take it back. Sam Harris has addressed my concerns admirably.

Buy it.

Read it.

Let your mental weather take you where it wills.

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