Friday 11 May 2012

Odd Question: If you had to say which TV character you most identify with...

I ask odd questions. Helps me think through problems.

Ben's had the entire series of Burn Notice running in the background while he works.

An odd comment caused me to go through many TV series and movies to see which character I think most embodies who we are as people. I'm weird like that.

After an exhaustive trawl I went back to Burn Notice. My initial thoughts:

Ben: Sam.
Reason: Ben is meticulous, purposeful, insanely insightful, inventive, practiced martial arts, can pick locks, smokes good cigars, has a good natured humorous side that captivates all whom he meets and has a cheeky smile which I adore.
I suspect that his beard picks up WiFi.
Mis-match: Ben hardly ever drinks.

Me: Fi.
Reason: I'm a kinda Get Sh*t Done girl who uses any means (or languages/systems) to do it. If I don't know it, I learn it.
Very fast.
I have studied Clausewitz and Sun-Tzu and have a cut-to-the-chase approach with business.
I also have an... Er hmm... 'interesting' past.
Mis-match: I have a fascination with Quantum Physics and Cosmology.

Update: After serious thought and cajoling by Ben, I'd have to say I'm a mix of Fi and Abby from NCIS.
After all, I dress a bit goth and still look reasonable at 56 (He keeps saying "MILF". What is that? :-) Also he wants us to have a goth wedding...

What about you?

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