Sunday 27 May 2012

Movie Review: "Alien Western/High Plains Invaders" (2009)

A few weeks ago we stopped by one of those $2 reject shops and noticed this DVD.
Thinking it would be a good laugh, we bought it.

So over fish and chips we watched it tonight.
My Gast was completely Flabberred.
Truly I was expecting to be falling about laughing all the time.
Truly, ruly, ruly I expected to be choking on chips and sputtering wine all over the coffee table every five minutes.

But. Frickin' 'ell. It was actually *good*. Or maybe the wine, fish and chips are talking. Or the fact that I'm a fan of low budget sci-fi movies.

James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) was the main star. The direction was tight, the acting was excellent and although the CGI was not fantastic it was pretty damn good. The alien design was quite unique and quite nice. Four legged, millions of teeth laden mouths, guns in their tails, slow moving, utter crapoids hooked on eating Uranium. Kinda different from standard bi-pedal bugs intent in just eating humans.

Just how they could possibly operate a star ship is not the point btw.

The lighting not so good. But then it was probably filmed in winter in Canada by the look of it.

Script a bit hammed up but they're cowboys for Earp's sake!!! They're going to say "Say son, you look like you need a shot of whiskey" rather than "Pull up a chair old boy. Let's sample this Chateau Peridot 1847. The bouquet! Reminds me of spring in Lyon."

And some of the guns in use... well... not of the era... but... so what? It's a movie not a documentary!

The story, like cowboys vs aliens, was a bit on the 'Wait. What? No. Really?' kind of side, but who the hell cares. The fact that Spike hauled a lead box 4' x 4' x 3' filled with pitchblende (Or U-235 not sure) onto the back of a wagon was... let's just say... a tad unconvincing but who the f**k cares. It looked good!

(I have to say I have a soft spot for James Marsters so I'm probably biased... Twitchy. Twitchy)

If you liked cowboys vs aliens, go watch it.

Personally I'm waiting for cowboys vs ninja robots vs pirate monkeys vs predators vs aliens fused with spiders with wings. All at once. In Stalingrad. In 1942.

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