Wednesday 30 May 2012

Well. I'm frickin' starving and thinking of posing action figures in inappropriate ways.

Didn't get home till very late.

Ben's crashed out on the sofa downstairs with what is almost certainly some kind of flu.

No lights on. I almost knocked myself out.
That's gunna leave a bruise.

He's in pain, the poor devil, so I haven't the heart to tell him I'm frickin' starving having had nothing but some Garlic prawns 24hrs ago.
So no dinner for me tonight.


At least it's a "sort-of" diet.

There's always Bourbon...

Anyway, loads to do reading up on design patterns, and XCode4 and mobile websites and TitaniumStudio, and, and...

Actually I might post pictures of action figures in inappropriate poses.

Venom abusing War Machine for example.

What? (Spreads hands in abject horror)
You're offended?
But Venoms got whips! Whips I tells yer!

And here it is:

Oh. And Iron Man saying "F**k you" (With fire). Yes really. Cool figure.

Bugger. Don't have a photo. Soon. Soon.

Might actually open my (absolutely true honestly have one) Einstein action figure box. With posable chalk no less.

Wish I had the Hawking one. Then I could add a little bazooka to it and make him chase Einstein.


Nah. Later.

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