Monday 23 July 2012

Ben whupped my ass at Munchkin and Scrabble

Three times we've not been able to go to the Gold Coast Techspace on Sunday due to some "event."
This time it was because on Thursday I put my back out.
Actually and to be more accurate, I sustained minor injury to my left Sacroiliac Ligaments.
Thus: back pain.
Worse was, due to slight limping, it caused both my shoulder muscles (Trapezius) to spasm and gave me an intense headache.
Hot showers, stretching and massages helped but it was a real throbber.
Unable to sleep, I tried each pain killer one by one to see if they made a dent.
Well. Not quite true. Panadeine Forte helped. But they tend to knock me out.

Anyway, I'm waffling.
The upshot was that on Sunday morning I could barely move for tiredness and getting that throbbing effect.
Sunday afternoon it was getting better and Ben suggested we play some board games to try to take my mind off it.

He whupped my ass.
Got to level 5 before I managed to get to level 2.
Then won.

So we then played Scrabble.
Now I have to say I have beaten him almost every time at this.
I suppose because I started reading early.
Reading newspapers while other kids were doing See Dick Run.
(BTW: Reading about the Cuba missile crisis at the time and getting scared)
But no.
He won 307 to 193. Yoikes.
Mainly because I mainly got either all consonants or all vowels.
Very Welsh.
What the hell word do you make out of: AAIIOUT
Ok. Tau. But seriously.
In any case he clinched it by using all 7 tiles in one go with the word "estrange". 50 pts.
Rats. And I almost had "Rlyeh" at one stage. Not that I could use it of course.

Feeling much better now and may be able to do some shopping.
Maybe pick up Munchkin Cthulhu!
And I may be able to do some coding.

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