Wednesday 11 July 2012

Movie Review: "Undead" (2003)

We tend not to buy movies from places like J&B.
We like to sift through the bargain bins at video stores for the most outrageous lunatic movies we can find.
It's great fun and you see movies which get no press or are just frickin' brilliant for next to no cost.

We stumbled on "Undead".
Surprisingly good Australian movie, made on a shoestring, with:
  1. Australians.
  2. Guns.
  3. Queensland Police.
  4. More guns.
  5. Zombie humans.
  6. More guns.
  7. Zombie fish.
  8. More guns.
  9. Aliens.
  10. Did I mention guns?
Because you know you're watching a good movie when:

The splash screen exhorts you to "Begin Carnage" rather than "Play Movie".

The main protagonist fights off Zombie Fish in a row boat with a pistol and is then abducted by aliens.

A cricket match is interrupted by meteors which shoot holes in the team.

The main protagonist mainly uses a weapon made of three pump action shot guns bolted together.

A Queensland copper (in shorts) bursts into a house, smashes a window, starts shooting his shotgun out that window and screams:
"When I was a kid we f**kin' respected our elders! We didn't f**kin' eat them! F**kin' marijuana f**kin'  hippy f**kin' surfer f**kin' dole bludger b*stards!" 
Frickin' love it!


Which describes an Australian town as 'quaint' and 'charming'.
I don't think any one who has been to an outback Australian town would use those words...
Well not in a pub unless they are deliberately trying to get their head bashed in.

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