Tuesday 10 July 2012

You wanna connect with your kids? Play UNO.

Years ago when I had kids... Step kids... Whatever...
I learnt something.
You wanna connect with them? Play UNO.

I still play UNO.
With Ben.
It's cool. Very cool. You get to beat them with no acrimony,
You get to crow loudly about your success, punching the sky with the phrase "I am the master!"

And then lose the next hand.

It's seriously cool.
Try it.

Years ago I used to play UNO with my step-kids.
It always devolved into a war between me and one of the girls.
Let's call her Heather.
In any case it was fun.
Serious fun.
We'd play the other players getting them to do our twisted bidding to force one or the other of us to play a bad hand.
My other step-daughter was trying to play the odds.
My 'ex was perplexed.

Either way it ended with us convulsed with laughter when we lost or won.

Play UNO with your kids.

Do it now.

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