Tuesday 24 July 2012

Played Zombies! last night. (photos)

Gotta love this game.

Here's the start:

After a few moves and we still don't know where the helipad will be placed so I decide to clear the Hospital of Zombies...

Unfortunately for me, Ben kept playing cards that kept adding zombies and I was knee deep in the buggers. Took me ages to fight my way out, and was out of ammo!

Still didn't know where the helipad was going to end up, so I (the yellow figure) started down the road to the right hoping to make it to that top right area where I was gambling the chopper would arrive.

But no. The helipad ended up down at the left so I had to fight my way down Zombie Alley to get to it. Ben, having me lose two lives as I battled through the hoards, then started clearing a path to the chopper. I battled on bravely, constantly playing cards to try to hold him up.


Bugger. He'd cleared the area of shambling dead and waved to me as the chopper took him away, leaving me in a morass of around 100 shambling buggers.

All in all a good game and with a pile of laughs.

Wonderful game for all ages.

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