Friday 27 July 2012

Some random things: Short movies, video games and smut

Random Part 1:
Watched a set of short movies last night.

Absolutely soooo cute stop motion from via NSW film.
Tons of awards.

The Lady and the Reaper:
Fantastic French cartoon pitting an elderly dying lady and the Reaper against a narcissistic doctor.

Gorgeous and stunning animation about two flowers discussing what to do about a creature in a field.

And a few others which you can see down the right side of each of those pages.

There was also a full length Star Wars fan movie (in Italian w/subs) that was absolutely stunning.
You can find it on YouTube here:
Or go to the website here:

Random Part 2:
We also watched a video of Felicia Day playing an old video game with her brother.
Her look of stunned horror when she finally caught a fish and had to throw it back was priceless.
All the time I was watching and laughing Ben kept poking me.
When I asked why he was doing that, he said I'm just the same when I play video games.
He cited:
Which is a transcript of me playing... er hmm... *attempting* to play Star Wars on the XBox.

Random Part 3:
So. Bens beavering away on an iPhone/iPad app and I was feeling stuck.
(I have to wait till 4pm to see if I to babysit my mum tonight or eat F&C with Ben and watch old movies)
Thought I might get into fantasy romance smut novels.
There are no bookshops left in the world, so I went online.
(Yes I know I'm exaggerating but it feels like that)

So I did some digging around Felicia Day and discovered a Google+ hangout run by Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Kiala Kazebee and Bonny Burtons good read group named, and please, please, don't be offended, "vaginal fantasy".

It's absolutely *not* what you may be thinking. Just a bunch of IMHO famous geek girls reading fantasy romance novels and doing videos about them. Brilliant.

Already ordered two of the books they recommend via
Twiddling fingers waiting now...

There is one bookshop left in Southport now I think of it.
Might take the names of the smutty romance novels and see if they have them... ;-)

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