Sunday 4 December 2011

Ah. It feels good to be a dinosaur sometimes...

This weekend we need to do some shopping.
Went to our local shopping centre.
Gathered all the required consumerist items and headed to the checkout.


Massive queues.
Oh well. Might as well join a queue.
Got to the payment part.

Initialise 191.
Initialise 191.
Initialise 191.

All lines down.
So we got taken to the service desk along with tons of other people.
Oh the joy of it when the local manager figured out we had to use the old swipey card things.
Oh, and had to use PAPER!

I soooo remember the first time I did the CLUNK-CLUNK!
Late 70's I think.

He couldn't figure it out.
Completely lost.
And the poor girl behind the counter was completely dumb struck.
Had never seen one of the machines and was completely out of her depth without the computer.
She had that rabbit in the headlights look.
I will remember that look for the rest of my life and thank evolution I have lived from not even having plastic through to the day when a young girl didn't know how to use a machine that was new to me when I had been in the workforce for 10 years!

I showed her in detail how to place my card in the slot and the piece of paper into the machine and how to CLUNK-CLUNK the slider back and forth.
And the queue behind me was getter bigger by the second.
Poor girl.
She looked like she'd just been handed a quill and ink pot.

We're doomed I tell you.

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