Friday 2 December 2011

Interesting News for Today (by K)

Dell Open-Sources Code for Hadoop Deployment Tool
DataSift Architecture: Realtime Datamining At 120,000 Tweets Per Second
Node.js and MongoDB for Java developers
Log Analysis System Using Hadoop and MongoDB
MongoDB, E-Commerce, and Transactions
Sinatra: Up and Running (New Book from O'Reilly)
Cut and Polish: A Guide to Crafting Gems
Ruby Blocks as Dynamic Callbacks
The State of Ruby ORMs
Xavier Shay's DataMapper Retrospective
Building a Rails Plugin with Tested Assets (Screencast)
Methadone - Build Better Ruby-based CLIs with Logging and Cucumber Support
OS X 10.5 Leopard may lose Firefox in 2012
Apple responds after Siri abortion answers debacle
The 5 Best Spotify Apps (So Far)
End of an Era: Chrome Surpasses Firefox
Aleph One 1.0 Released
Red Hat's Linux Changes Raise New Questions
Ruby Clouds: Engine Yard Vs. Heroku
Samsung's mSATA PM830 is eight grams of pure SSD
Intel Working On Augmented Reality Chip
Tyranny of the Tools
Ivo – a reimagined Unix terminal system
RESTful Web Service Discoverability, part 4

Can the 'badly-designed' euro fail?
New Google shipping service to go after Amazon Prime?
MTV in talks to license Vevo videos
Amazon favors online sales tax--if smaller rivals also have to pay
Apple TV sets will be mighty pricey, analyst says
Mark Zuckerberg passes 10 million subscribers on Facebook
Robin Williams offers Apple advice on how to make Siri even better
Fugazi Launches Massive Archive of Past Shows
Dwolla Drops Fees For Transactions Under $10 In Prelude To Larger Announcement
Khosla, Google Ventures And Hearst Put $4M In Social TV Platform Miso
Businessmen unveil plans for 'Muslim Facebook'

New sanctions on Syria as deaths top 4000
Amnesty International calls for arrest of Bush during Africa trip over rights violations
Palestinians say Israel won’t offer peace proposal
UK embassy attack orchestrated by Iranian authorities: sources

Genetically Engineered Neurons Light Up When Firing
Fundamental constants are not constant—or maybe they are, we don't really know
The future cometh: Science, technology and humanity at Singularity Summit 2011 (Part I)
Measles outbreaks on the rise across Europe
Vegetables, fruits, grains reduce stroke risk in women
NASA satellite confirms sharp decline in pollution from US coal power plants
Japanese researchers turn a crab shell transparent
2012: Magnetic pole reversal happens all the (geologic) time
Affordable solar: It's closer than you think

Spy centre seeking codebreakers
Superman comic sells for $2.16m
Teaching kids to be rich
Beware the vain robot
Bite-size Kilobots robots ready to swarm
Steampunk Contraptions Take Over Tattoo Studio
Fire Burns Differently In Space
30 Years of the BBC Micro
Nissan demonstrates Leaf-powered Smart House, we go hands-on
Geeks lose minds, recreate first level of Super Mario Land with 18 million Minecraft blocks
Voyagers travel far enough to see our own galaxy without the Sun's interference
David Yates on the planned Doctor Who movie, and fan pressure
Hi-res pictures appear for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus
AT-AT Wine Cabinet Defends Your Drinks From Rebel Scum
'Just chill?' Relaxing can make you fatter

Man found dead in sewage tank
Afghan rape victim may marry attacker
Woman watches partner die on Skype
Strikers should be shot: Top Gear's Clarkson
Clarkson sorry for strike shooting remark
Ranting Apple employee 'deserved to be sacked'
ACLU raps Apple over Siri, abortion
Mini-Nukes, Flying 'Terminators' and 8 More Wild Weapons
Feds' Anti-Piracy Vid Is Digital-Age Reefer Madness
Man on vacation confused for a Russian spy, almost restarts cold war
Aliens on Ice

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