Friday 16 December 2011

New Years Resolution: Read more and dress just a bit GOTH!

B has been watching a lot of NCIS lately.
And I commented that I really like the way 'Abby' dresses.
Sort of almost 'goth/punk'.
That got me to thinking...
Why the hell not?
So I'm 55. So what? I'm a geek. And she's in her 40's and can pull it off...
(See here:

So I did some looking on eBay...
Here's some stuff I looked at (and might buy):

Akumu Ink Evil Twins Gothic T Shirt 'Play Together, Kil...
Akumu Ink Bunny T Shirt Alice in Wonderland White Rabbi...
Tripp NYC Green Tartan Plaid Punk Rock Mini Skirt Goth

Goth/gothic Living Dead Souls "Creepy" Jeans S | eBay
Goth/gothic Aderlass "Belt" denim mini skirt (miniskirt) S | eBay
Rock Steady Xray Ribs T Shirt Tee Tattoo Rockabilly Roller Derby Punk Goth Black | eBay
*Silky* Tattoo Design Printed Tights BLAZE (goth punk) | eBay

And right here in Queensland:

Iron Fist Clothing Australia
Everything Gothic
Toxic Realm!
Beserk Clothing

Whaddaya think?

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