Friday 15 June 2012

After a series of false starts, mother is looking much better

Just got back from the hospital.

Mother can manage to get herself in/out of bed without paroxysms of pain and can sit up without help.
This means the pleurisy has cleared up.

Still got pneumonia though.
The drip should clear that up in the next few days.

She managed to have a cup of coffee (without a smoke!) in the fresh air for the first time in weeks which is a huge plus for her confidence I would suggest.

Still going to be a while in bed, at least another week, but they moved her to a new ward with a view and sunlight!

I'm still shattered, worn out and doing laundry every day, but feeling much more hopeful about how things will work out.

Odd. Just realised. Haven't written a line of code for over a week. Record!

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