Thursday 14 June 2012

No more bats! B-Mashina for Bats.

A recent story got me thinking. This is the original:

Industrial music?
Oh the possibilities...
Oh My Mind Is Exploding!!!

No more culling required.

And Ben went nuts and started on a wonderful flight of fantasy and stream of consciousness.

Rammstein, Laibach et al at high volume echoing across Queensland farms.

Rammstein Du Hast!
In (bad) German: "du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt"
In English: "you have asked me, but i did not obey"

Can you imagine it? The sheer jaw dropping frickin' brilliance and gorgeous-ness of it. B-Mashina at full blast all over S.E. Queensland.
"The Horror. The Horror."
Here is my parody of the opening of B-Mashina (Go watch it btw) in English:
"Only one day is left.
Only one day.
We are leaving the others.
We're going away.
Today we all steal nectar but we have lost ourselves.
Our souls are from the wild and wings to reach the sky.
Let the sun fall into the ocean, let the earth erupt in loud music.
It is enough to have the strength and knowledge to raise our our wings into the sky.
Let them sleep who do not know the final day is here, the very last and we leave at dusk.
Millions of us have thunder in us.
There is no force and no power to stop us now and change our fate.
Before we rise now every problem is destroyed.
We raise our wings and bodies to the peak.
Into the Universe - towards the food we go.
Sending ourselves up to the sky."
B-Mashina for Bats. It's frickin' sad when you read it out loud as if you were thinking as a bat.

Du Hast indeed.

Maybe we could get Rammstein to do a special "nicht mehr Fledermäuse" for us.

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