Monday 13 August 2012

Bit of a messy day today

First off I didn't sleep well having a total of only about 4 hours actual sleep.
The rest was thrashing about like a drowning victim.
Which was kinda right since I was sweating as well.

So I was sitting outside trying to wake up with a coffee.
And I noticed something.
A piece of wood.
Staring angrily at me.
Ok ok, not quite at me.
And not so much angry.
More like pensive or disappointed.
And not quite at me.
Sort of at a leaf.
I shall call him "Woody".

Then I made some lunch:

Yes that's a real hamburger. With bacon, cheese, beetroot, egg and pineapple.
After I finished it, I immediately fell victim to drive-by nap attack.

Woke up about 3 hours later going "Wha? Who? How?"

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