Wednesday 8 August 2012

Fun with google search

Sometimes I have fun doing silly google searches.
I type silly search starters and see what comes up.
I don't follow them, but it's good for a laugh.

Search: "how many spiders/whales/monkeys/lemurs/ducks/ants can you fit"
How many spiders does an average person really eat in their sleep ...
How many spiders can I fit in my urethra? | ChaCha
How many bananas can you fit into a mini? – kgb answers
How Many Gay Whales Can You Fit in a Subaru? - Orange County ...
How many people can fit in a sperm whale
Can an full grown elephant fit in a blue whales mouth? | ChaCha
How many monkeys can you fit in a submarine
How Many Monkeys Can You Fit in Your Pants? – TheCuriousCalico
How many lemurs can fit inside a 15 passenger van? | ChaCha
How many ducks could a sperm whale fit into its mouth? - Yahoo ...
How many ponies can you fit in a horse
Why does my dick look like a turtle? - Yahoo! Answers
Why does my dick smell like bacon?
why does my arm shake when i eat dirt
How many ants can fit in a jumbo jet? (and the answers to 45 other ...

Search: "do demons get paid overtime"
Do demons get paid overtime, doubletime - or is it a seniority system?

Search: "is it wrong to"
Is it wrong to throw potatoes at people with down syndrome ...
Is it wrong to sleep with your step dad after your mom dies? | Los ...
Is it wrong to sleep with your best friends daughter?

Search: "why is my"
why is my poop pink

Search: "what do you do when"
What to Do When You Are Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Have you got any cool searches I can try?

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