Friday 10 August 2012

Just gave myself a first ever Glycolic Scrub. Frickin' YEOW!

Now I have to say that I have never taken care of myself.
I've never used a moisturiser.
Never been to the gym.
Unless you count being shot at while running scared shitless.

But a couple of days ago I did something I haven't done for... for... well... EVER.
I looked at myself in the mirror while wearing glasses.

Frickin' hell.
I had wrinkles.

I went off and went to a place of medicine (Ben has some words which don't bear repeating here) to see what could be done.
Bought some stuff.

One of them was a Glycolic Scrub.
So tonight after writing up the review of Adam Chaplin I went into the bathroom and studied the instructions.
Squeezed a small amount out and started scrubbing.
I stopped.


Felt like I'd just been dumped by a monster wave in Maui.
Felt like more sand than a cement truck.
Frickin' hurt.

I stared at my gradually reddening face and stared down at the instructions.
Twice a day 3 times a week?
I'm going to look like Achmed the dead terrorist at that rate.
(Haven't got a clue what I'm talking about? Check out youtube. Hilarious)

Ben says it's worked.
Crapola and frickin' bees on steroids laced with acid.
It frickin' hurts.

Gunna keep doing it.
The price we pay...

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