Thursday 9 August 2012

It's my not-dead-yet-day today and it's been a doozy.

First up I had to get up when sparrows haven't even begun to think about breaking wind.
Off to transport my mother to dialysis.
Then home for a little bit before a trip to a doctors surgery.
Then a business meeting.
Then rush to get mother home from dialysis.
Then a rush down to have the results from a liver and thyroid test.
Then a rush to get gas in the car and pick up dinner.

Dinner on my 56th not-dead-yet-day was KFC.
Ben had worked all night on an app and promptly fell asleep after eating.
In the middle of a VERY LOUD exorcism from the movie "The Rite".

And the well-meaning but fundamentally nutjob folks at tenders-info-online sent me a personalised email about how to book a Diabetic, Cholesterol, Liver, Renal, Thyroid, etc test. Thanks for that guys. If I didn't feel old before, I do now. Just waiting for ads to start popping up on Google for coffins. Sigh.

Oh. And if I get an ad for a coffin with built in coffee maker and JATO attachments, I'm buying it. Wanna make an impression.

And this is frickin' classic. After all the stuff I've had to deal with today.

Anyway, I just went downstairs to top up my glass and have a smoke out the back. And promptly got buzzed by two fruit bats in flagranto delecto (or whatever the spelling is). Nearly took my head off. I am not making this up. For those people not familiar with Qld fruit bats, they have a 4 foot wingspan and when they are "at it" they make a noise that would freeze mother theresa's toes. So I beat a hasty retreat into the main room while Ben slept through the lot.

One bright spot was a bunch of sc-fi dudes in California called "The Citizens of the Imperium" sent me an email. I know it's a form email and all that, but after today it seemed nice.

So all in all it's been one helluva "not-dead-yet-day."

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