Saturday 11 August 2012

How to make up your own movie names like the SyFy channel

Think I've figured out how SfFy original movies are thought up.

Pick one or two items from this list:

Zombie     Shark       Snake       Anaconda    Croc
Gator      Beast       Octopus     Swarm       Beast
Raptor     Boa         Piranha     Spider      Python
Alien      Mosquito    Moth        Worm        Giant

(If you pick two, you must separate them with 'vs')

Now pick a place they come from:

Triassic   Sea         Swamp       Island      Planet
Ice        Mountain    Mongolia    Earth

And prefix at least one them with one of these:

Dino       Super       Mega        Franken     Two-Headed 
Killer     Frost       Annihilation

Maybe suffix one with "man" or "roid" or "death".

And perhaps addd some extra flavour:

Apocalypse Twister     Storm

So. Here are some suggestions for original movies:

Two-Headed Shark         DinoCroc vs SuperGator
Alien Apocalypse         Boa vs Python
DinoShark                FrankenFish
SharkMan                 Ice Spiders
Ice Twisters             Killer Mountain
MosquitoMan              MegaPiranha
MegaPython vs Gatoroid   Mega Snake
Mongolian Death Worm     MothMan
Planet Raptor            Raptor Island
Sea Beast                Shark Swarm
SharkTopus               DinoCroc vs SuperGator
Swamp Shark              Zombie Apocalypse
Frost Giant              Annihilation Earth
Android Apocalypse       Annacondas

Oh wait. All of those have been done by SyFy.
Ok. How about these:

Zombie-Dino-Moth vs Two-Headed-Spider-Conda.

Or you could add your own monsters:

Mega-Lemur vs Swamp-Parrot!
Killer-Puppet-Clowns from Mars!
Two-Headed-Death-Ponies vs Alien-Mega-Ticks!
Dino-Squirrel vs Croco-Pony!
Sharko-Pup vs Triassic-Dino-Wombat-inator!
Fire-Owls vs Frost-Hamsters!
Franken-Bambi vs Mega-Flopsie!

You get the drift.
There's an app in this. I called it. It's mine!

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