Sunday 1 April 2012

Axis vs Allies! War at Sea!

I'm a bit of a game nut. We have Carcassonne, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, but we also have Zombies! and Killer Bunnies. And since I was war gaming in the 70's I have tons of old S&T games as well as stalwarts like Panzer Blitz, Korsun Pocket and Fire in the East.

The latter is a game that would fill your dining room with maps, covers the entire eastern front, sometimes down to battalion level and has 2,000 cardboard counters. This is not a evening endeavour. It takes several hours to place all your forces in their starting positions and each turn can also last several hours. I love it, but it's frickin' huge and takes days to play out just one scenario (such as Kursk). I love the fact that is a counter for 1 single man. He's Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel and if you follow the link you'll see his bio... Nutter who destroyed 2,000 targets including a battleship!

Anyway, I decided to get a copy of the Axis vs Allies Naval Miniatures game and give it a whirl.

We haven't started a game yet, as we've been to busy, but I'll report back when we've played it a few times.

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