Thursday 5 April 2012

Some news - sickness for K

Hmm. Where do I start...

Some time ago, about 5 weeks I guess, I contracted a quite bad chest infection. Horrible thing whereby I was coughing up enough rubber to create a spare tire for our car. Worst thing was that I was unable to take any time off due to new starters, work load and other sundry startup issues. So made worse by frickin' air-con and hot-cool cycles.

In any case after 10 or so days it faded. But didn't disappear. I had obviously got a secondary infection in my chest that just would not shift. So each morning and evening I had these coughing attacks. Bad ones. On your knees wishing the world would end ones. Thought I would have an aneurysm some days.

Anyway, I decided to enlist modern medicine yesterday. None of this new-age greeny crap for me. So I went to the doctor about TWO things. 1st thing was that I had apparently I had a feedback loop going on. Coughing and wheezing generating a asthmatic response, generating a coughing reflex generating an asthmatic response... Recursion I hate thy name.

So the MD (who is Iranian BTW not that that means anything) prescribed antibiotics and a puffer to knock both out the symptoms out of their groove. Cool. Seems to be working.

The 2nd thing is that three days ago I was struck by a massive set of waves of pain in my... Er... "nether" regions. Frickin' painful. Couldn't sit down. Nearest thing I could suggest for the male audience is having some b*stard knee you randomly every 5 to 10 minutes 24 hours a day. Yes. Even at night.

Not nice.

And not conducive to working out how to use embedded Jetty to run Sinatra instances. Very, very distracting to be 'kneed' on a regular basis while in the middle of a sentence. Very dramatic but not exactly professional. Squeaky voice, cross eyed look and white face sudden but unavoidable.

Anyway, he wanted me to have an ultrasound to try to figure out what the problem was. So today I went off and got it done. $400. What? Sheesh. Anyway, turns out I have a MINOR herniation. Frickin' minor? If that's what a minor herniation feels like I am willing to extend every courtesy to people who have a major herniation. So it's most likely that my morning or evening coughing fits caused the problem.

Dunno the results yet, but it was waaaay cool to have a Ukrainian do the Ultrasound and even better to find out that they email all the results to my MD minutes after the test! Cool. I even got to say "спасибо хорошо" to the guy. Haven't got a panicked call from the surgery so I'm presuming it's all just peachy. Got a set of films of the ultrasound which B and I immediately looked at using a light box. Hmm. Two small cysts on my keft kidney. Sigh. I'm 56. So it's not a major drama.

Life goes on. And on. And on.
Hopefully that is.

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