Friday 20 April 2012

Wow. Did you know it's Belphegor month?

Sort of carrying on from my rant about exorcisms. I did some more digging about regarding "demons" and found that, similar to astrological signs, each demon has a month wherein he (and his assistants) apparently do better.

So April is Belphegor month! And May will be Lucifer... I'm waiting for Beelzebub month which is July...

So who the heck is this Belphegor chappie? Well the demon apparently helps people make discoveries and invent things by tempting them with riches and laziness. Hmm. My kind of chap.

Another Belphegor is a death metal band from Austria.

There is also, apparently, a Digimon character based on him and he features as a cat in MegaTokyo. So next time your kid shows you that Digimon character you can shout "Be cast out ye demon!" Then use it as an excuse to throw the other toys away...

FYI I also googled "where is the demon belphegor today?" and "do demons get paid overtime?" Got quite a few entertaining links and pictures.

Oh! Oh! Love it. August is Astaroth month. I was born in August which is why I checked. And a good thing too. Started off as a woman and changed to a man and seduces by means of laziness and rationalised philosophy. In his new guise he teaches science and answers every question asked of him.

Interestingly he/she appears in dozens of games from D&D to Final Fantasy.

Found a demon named "Ukobach" who is the inventor of fireworks and the art of frying food! A bacon aficionado I presume.

Another named "Tap" or "Gaap" teaches philosophy, liberal sciences, gives true answers and carries men "speedily" from one nation to another. Pilot maybe? "Hi. My names Gaap. I'll be your pilot today and discuss epistemology while we cruise at 30,000 feet. Your steward will be Ukobach who looks a bit like Golum but with red skin. He'll be handing out complementary bacon strips."

More digging and in amongst names like "Yan-gant-y-tan", "Gomory" and "Marchosias" I found a demon named "Leonard." Yes really. Leonard. "Hi. I'm the demon occupying this kid. Names Leonard."

I'm not making this up...

All in all not too shabby a bunch.

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