Monday 30 April 2012

Movie Review: "Rubber" (2010)

Wait. What? No it's not what you're thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Seriously though... Go get this movie. It's frickin' genius. The words "Avant Garde" can be pronounced "Rubber" as far as I am concerned.

Ok. So what's the premise? Well... A tire. An ordinary radial. Comes to life and becomes a serial killer. Blows it's first rabbit to bits in the first 15 minutes. Get's seriously pissed off with a bottle after 17mins. 20mins and it's blown a crow to bits through sheer f*cking mental will-power.

Graduates to people later.

It has an on-screen audience. All but one of which gets poisoned to death by bad turkey provided by one of the other characters.

Wait. What? Seriously? This is a movie?

Yeah really. And the production values and script are excellent. You really believe that the tire gets pissed off when it sees it's brethren being burned in a fire. You really believe it's getting rocks off watching Nascar on TV in a motel. And it get's hyper pissed off with the fake sheriff.


Oh. And it gets re-incarnated as a tricycle after being blown to bits by a fake sheriff. And leads an army of tires to Los Angeles.

Wait. What?

But seriously. Go get this movie. It's really, really good. Blurs the lines all over the frickin' pace. Third wall? Who needs it. Get the audience involved. Hell. Have them killed. Blow their heads apart. Poison them. Anything.

To be honest I expected death to make an appearance popping in like in a Swedish movie saying something inscrutable. But no. Just people being blown to bits by a savage radial tire.

Curious thing is that I read the blurb and poster for the movie. So what you say. It's in Dutch. And it makes sense. Well. My kind of sense anyway. I read it out loud (yes really) although with an English accent. B was impressed.

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